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    Firm Play Place arose up in 2010 as an organizer of brandname events. Due to stringing of collaboration with our first American partner we start renting of motion car simulator, motion aircraft simulator on wests, tenders also preparations. Due to continuous development we opened a construction department and in a collaboration with an university we constructed first authorial car and airplane motion simulators. Due to development of firm about the professional workshop equipped by the machines of CNC also typists of 3d we could put in an operation the mass products of trainers of perfect quality. Our constructions were projected so, that it was possible to modify it also, that possible repairs were inexpensive and simple to translation without the necessity of contact with us. We provide 24 sentinel technical help over the internet the combined team of viwera also skype. Simulators can step out in the version of WRC simulators, F1 simulators, aircraft simulator, car simulator, racing simulator. Sciences of ride are used through schools to perfection of ability of drivers without subjecting them on a danger during drive. As only at the standard market we equip trainers the dedicated accessories how the sensors of motion of head of player like TRACK IR / FREE TRACK MODS, modified wheels and pedals. Due to mass products the cost of trainer is small considerably less than, than at other firms. We execute also additional modifications of construction for a client by order for complete individualization of device. We invite to the purchases.

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